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“I love my hair and it does its own thing and looks like a hot mess.”

It was cool that we could do the show last year in Las Vegas during the pandemic. But now that we’re on an actual island, it feels like we’re really back. For me, the most fun is seeing who keeps coupling up. And we brought back the [second villa] Casa Amor, so tempta- tions are everywhere! Do you root for a genuine coupling or are you satis- fied with all the drama and twists? I need a couple to get married from the show. That’s my goal in life. I want to say, “I am the matchmaker!” I feel like there’s going to be some real love this year. Even though you’ve been engaged [to actor and con- tent creator Matt Cutshall] since 2019, have you learned anything about love from hosting? You know, these Islanders are without their phones and must get to know each other in a way that’s not normal anymore. I’ve learned we are better without our phones attached to us. You have to ask questions and make eye contact. People don’t do that anymore. But that’s life, right? Gotta ask: How do the Islanders always look so glam in the heat? I know! I do a walk-through in the dressing room before the contestants see it, and it’s fun to see what [the producers] put

in there. It’s stocked with little things like [false] eyelashes and press-on nails and sun- screen. But they must do their own hair and makeup every day. Even though I have no off-camera interactions with them, I will say, “Lookin’ good, girl!” What’s your own beauty routine? I don’t do a lot of makeup— especially in the summer. You’ve got to let your skin breathe. When I wake up, I put some Furtuna skin cleanser on a cotton pad to refresh my face. Then I use the Furtuna eye serum and under-eye cream. Can you tell I’m obsessed with this line? The ingredients are so clean and the bottles are beautiful. My bathroom looks like it should be on Pinterest. Which three beauty essen- tials would you bring on your own love island? Definitely an eyelash curler. If I feel tired, I just pump the curler and I look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I like my

Complexion Rescue from bare Minerals—it’s a tinted mois- turizer with SPF that smooths out my face and doesn’t cover my freckles. And I need my tinted lip balm. And which fashion item did you haul from home? Oh, I immediately packed my tropical muumuu from Spell & the Gypsy. It’s perfect because I can wear it to the beach or on a walk, and it’s so cozy and pretty with the ocean back- drop. I’m going to take a lot of Instagram pics with it. Hair and humidity: Go. I love my hair and it does its own thing and looks like a hot mess. If it’s going to be frizzy and crazy, I make it work for me. Are you more dolled up when Matt visits you? Oh, he’s here! He’s my best friend and my person, and I’m so happy he’s with me because it makes [being here] all that much better. At this point, I feel like we should just get married on the balcony.

Jacket by Dulce Bestia. Earrings and necklaces by Awe Inspired


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