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Product 7. James Read Self Tan Sleep Mask Go Darker Body , $46 , This clear gel tanning mask creates a deep, bronze glow while you sleep and pampers skin overnight with hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and black rose. Tip HIT THE HIGHLIGHTS Dab highlighter on a few key areas for emphasis, says Farolfi, who works with Drew Barrymore. She likes liquid luminizer “for collar bones, shoulders, and shins. You’ll look radiant and photograph really well.” Product 8. Flower Glow Getter Liquid Illuminizer , $13 , Farolfi’s highlighter pick is water-based and dripping with light reflectors. Use it alone or mix it into your favorite foundation, moisturizer, or body lotion.

Tip EXFOLIATE ALL OVER The only thing worse than dull, pasty skin is a patchy self- tanner job. A body wash with skin-polishing sugar crystals prevents this by revealing fresh, smooth skin. The night before bronzing, slough away flakes on knees, elbows, and heels with a damp washcloth. Product 6. Olay Exfoliating & Moisturizing Body Wash , $8 , This renewing facial for the body has brightening vitamin B3 complex, hydrating shea butter, and sugar crystals that buff away dead skin cells.



Want to look like you just returned from a yacht off Capri? The new easy-to-use bronzing formulas deliver a kiss of sunshine with no streaks or telltale orange tint.




Tip PRE-GAME YOUR GLOW WITH SKIN CARE Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey’s specialty is “fresh, glowing, amazing-looking faces.” To get maximum radiance, she depuffs with Jillian Dempsey Eye Mask and applies a good moisturizer (she likes Dr. Barbara Sturm Tip

Face Cream) with a 10-minute face massage using her vibrating Gold Sculpting Bar. Move from the jawline up to the cheekbones, from the jawline under the chin and toward the neck, and vertically over “tech lines,” she says.

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“To find the perfect glow at a photo shoot, I wait to see Drew under the light. I usually won’t use powder in daylight, but with a flash, yes.”— Fulvia Farolfi

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