WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love


Solid Gold The wicked wit of The Good Wife ’s Eli Gold returns, when actor Alan Cumming guest-stars on Season 6 of The Good Fight . Here’s a look back at his grandest slams.

“I know I don’t seem like the warm and understanding type, but this is my warm and understanding face.” “Religion is like a drug. In small doses it’s curative; in large, it’s addictive.” “Absence of ‘yes’ times ‘time’ equals ‘no.’ That’s the law.”

“We are not in fifth grade ethics class. We’re here to win.” “If you don’t want a story told, it’s better to tell it yourself.”

“Now I get

why people have children. They can admire themselves in someone else.”

“I am the

smartest person I know.”

“America doesn’t suck. People suck.”

“I lie 24/7 for my job. It’s actually a gift.”

“The most powerful men are the ones no one knows exist.”

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