WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love

“My hobby at the beach is watching my daughter do all of her hobbies.”

“My daughter, Ruby, and I just

visited Seaside, Florida, with some friends. The beach is gorgeous, with crystal blue water and soft white sand. Probably my favorite beach in the United States!”

“I love my BOGG BAG at the beach! It’s durable, holds a ton of stuff (as a mom you are required to lug a bunch of stuff to the beach), the bag never tips over in the sand, and it’s washable.”


“When it’s windy, I like to wear a baseball cap. If it’s just sunny, I like a floppy-brim hat.”

“Right now I am using Sun Bum sunscreen. My daughter begged me to buy her this brand, so we’ve both been using it, and I like it!”

“I love a good salty snack, so I always bring chips.”

“Wet wipes are a must for me at the beach. I like clean hands! My daughter loves to eat a snack on the beach, so I always carry them to wash her hands off.”

“Ruby is very active and loves to play all kinds of sports on the beach: football, Wiffle ball, Frisbee, paddle ball, the list goes on. Not to mention I also bring goggles, nets, and all the shovels and buckets to make a good sandcastle.”

“When it comes to a favorite drink, I’ll do ice water or a spicy margarita.” /


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