WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love


THE JEFFERSONS “ I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I was hearing out of Carroll O’Connor’s mouth the first time I



“Weezy”), and son Lionel (Mike Evans)— were “movin’ on up to that dee-luxe apartment in the sky” in spinoff The Jeffersons . On All in the Family , Archie’s racist thinking was usually challenged by George, while Edith and Louise were the voices of reason. On The Jeffersons , the now-successful cleaning store fran- chise owner George comically combated Lionel’s future in-laws—Tom (Franklin Cover) and Helen Willis (Roxie Roker)— who as an interracial couple (“zebras,” according to George) were often the butt of his remarks. Berlinda Tolbert played

saw All in the Family ,” Isabel Sanford once said. Sanford made her first appearance as neighbor Louise Jefferson in the first season episode titled “Lionel Moves into the Neighborhood” (March 2, 1971). “But, at second glance,” she said, “I just fell down laughing. And then I received a call for an audition, initially to play Louise Jefferson’s sister.” Flash-forward to January 18, 1975, and Archie and Edith’s neighbors—George (Sherman Hemsley), wife Louise (aka



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