WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love



♦ Originally airing in the Tuesday 9:30 p.m. ET half-hour slot on CBS, All in the Family replaced the John Forsythe sitcom To Rome with Love . And

it followed country-themed variety hour Hee Haw . Talk about lack of compatibility!

♦ Mickey Rooney was an earlier choice as Archie Bunker, but he balked at playing a bigot. Harrison Ford would have been Mike Stivic had he also not felt that Archie was too offensive. And Penny Marshall, pre– Laverne & Shirley and married to Rob Reiner at the time, was considered for Gloria. ♦ When Carroll O’Connor temporarily exited All in the Family in the middle of Season 5, there were talks of killing off Archie and having James Cromwell ( Babe, Six Feet Under ) as his friend Stretch Cunningham move in with the Bunkers. Once O’Connor’s contract dispute was resolved, however, Cromwell made only one additional appearance as Stretch. ♦ Finally, let’s test your All in the Family knowledge . In the infamous two-part episode titled “Edith’s 50th Birthday” (originally telecast on October 16, 1977), Jean Stapleton as Edith is attacked by a rapist. But the storyline was initially intended for a character on another Norman Lear sitcom. Which of the following five characters was it? A) Loretta Haggers (Mary Kay Place, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman ) B) Suzy Marta Rocket (Jeannie

Mickey Rooney

1| From left: Jean Stapleton (second), Carroll O’Connor (third), Lear (front, center), Rob Reiner (fifth), Sally Struthers (right of center), and Mike Evans (right). 2| O’Connor as Archie Bunker. 3| Clockwise from lower right: O’Connor, Stapleton holding Corey M. Miller, Reiner, and Struthers. 4| Lear in the control room as he and his crew work on All in the Family


Linero, Hot L Baltimore ) C) Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin, One Day at a Time ) D) Carol Traynor (Adrienne Barbeau, Maude ) E) Helen Willis (Roxie Roker, The Jeffersons )

Mary Kay Place

JULY/AUGUST • 2022 / ANSWER C) Ann Romano. Norman Lear made the switch because he wanted to make a statement that this could happen to anyone, even someone as simple and naive as Edith Bunker.

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