WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love

The Carter Era Why I Love Wonder Woman BY NATE MILLADO

Lynda Carter was my first gay icon. Sure, I was only 2 when I first watched her as Diana Prince in CBS’s The New Adventures of Wonder Woman . But the second that catchy theme song kicked in (“Wonder Wo-maaaaaan …”), I’d spin around in circles ’til I got dizzy. One sum- mer afternoon, I found my big sister’s star-spangled swimsuit in a drawer—and slipped it on. I ran around the house, crossing my arms in an X-formation. My aunts, slightly horrified, asked in Tagalog, “Why don’t you want to be Superman?” I rebelliously replied: “I don’t want to … I’m Wonder Woman!” Clearly, the Lasso

of Truth knew some- thing about me that I wouldn’t realize until much later. /


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