WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love


Chef’s Kiss Why I Love Madam Secretary ’s Kitchen BY SUSAN POCHARSKI While Elizabeth McCord’s wood- paneled West Wing office on Madam Secretary was a hive of heated arguments and political jockeying, her Georgetown home with its serene color palette, cozy reading nooks, and overstuffed chairs was a place to exhale. The star of the renovated, three-bed- room townhouse was its kitchen. Soft- gray cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and marble and teak countertops helped soothe frayed nerves caused by the latest diplomatic crisis. Toward the back of the kitchen stood a wall of glass cabinets, showcasing a whimsical mix of ’60s vintage goodies: colorful bowls, carafes, vases, and glassware. The worn, wooden farm table, illuminated by a simple yet striking antique brass chandelier, created a respite for the McCords’ overachieving family of five. So when it came time to think about my own kitchen renovation, which I may or may not ever do, I didn’t pour over Houzz or Pinterest or everything designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines. I grabbed my notebook, clicked on Para- mount+, and binge-watched Madam Secretary . Of course, I knew the McCords’ townhouse wasn’t real. It was just “Soundstage G,” a cavernous space in some frowzy section of Long Island City, New York, where the show filmed. But I kept taking notes. This kitchen wasn’t a place where you grab a cup of coffee and rush out the door. It was a feeling— a calm pleasure—that I wanted to re- create: a room perfect for a banter-filled family breakfast before setting out to conquer the day.

From top: Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord in the Madam Secretary kitchen; Leoni with Kathrine Herzer as Alison

McCord; Tim Daly as Henry McCord



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