WATCH Magazine: August 2022: Summer Of Love


the story of Vito Corleone, he shot the scenes of the 1920s in a darker amber light, similar to the light of an old filament bulb. And when the story transitioned back to the story of his son, Michael, the 1950s is a world of washed-out Technicolor. With a story this complex and a timeline that disrupts tra- ditional narrative structure, the color changes are a masterful way of organizing the chapters and pages of this classic drama. It is a must for a summer movie night. And if you’re as much of a Godfather fan as I am, check out The Offer on Paramount+ to learn more about the making of the epic first film in the trilogy.

“I Know It Was You, Fredo.” Why I Love The Godfather: Part II BY ED MANN

Summer is upon us, and it’s my favor- ite of the seasons. The warmth, the lon- ger days, the promise of football in the fall, and family gatherings with lots of storytelling. And there is no greater fam- ily saga than the story of the Corleones. Through the intrigue, power struggle, and drama of this classic mafia organiza- tion emerges a simple story of a family and the struggles to keep it together. One of the beautiful ways the direc- tor, Francis Ford Coppola, depicted the change of time in his masterpiece, The Godfather Part II , was by altering the colors of each time period. When he told

From top: Robert De Niro, Richard Bright, and Al Pacino in The Godfather: Part II . Left: Giovanni Ribisi in The Offer



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