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Thoughts on that big finale? Peregrym: We had a little wrap-up with [drug cartel head] Vargas [played by David Zayas] from Episode 3 and the collar bomb. Zaki: It was fun because we usually just close the case. This was our first “to be continued …” It gave us different stuff to play with, so I was excited about it. How did your characters evolve this season? Zaki: It’s been really interesting to play the friend now that Maggie has a boyfriend [fellow agent Nestor Vertiz, played by Josh Segarra]. We saw her family, too. Even though she and I are partners, you want to see that bigger world around the characters. You’re not just watching Missy and me run around the streets. Peregrym: Yeah, it’s nice when we deal with more personal issues. In

“It‛s a gift when you get along with the people you work with.” —Missy Peregrym

Season 1, a lot of the controversies were based on how we did our job. Now it’s about caring about the other person. We’re looking out for each other, which shows the depth of our friendship. And how has your off-screen friendship changed since 2019? Zaki: She’s more obsessed with me. Peregrym: I don’t know what I’d do without him. I thank God for him in my life because having a baby [Otis Oakley, born in April 2020] was tough. Without Zeeko, I don’t know if I’d make it. Zaki: But she’s raised me, too! When I came onto the show, Missy was carrying a lot of it. I just

wanted to grow and become a strong enough co-worker to share the load. Hopefully it’s become easier and more fun for both of us. Peregrym: He’s done well. The learning curve was huge because the show is so demanding of your time. But now we are laughing our heads off all the time. Missy, gotta ask: How do you feel about being called “The Ponytail of Justice” on social media? Peregrym: Oh my lord. I don’t know who made it up, but we joke about it because it’s such a staple. You almost never see my hair down now. Zaki: Well, the ponytail is practical!

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