The June 10 Gemini solar eclipse is a wake-up call. Time to get your message out. Use Mercury retrograde (May 29–June 22) to polish your blog, rehearse your webinar, or reconnect with contacts from the past. Confident Jupiter aligns with the sun June 23; a little shameless self-promotion is in order!

CANCER JUNE 22–JULY 22 ROCKY CARROLL, NCIS: LOS ANGELES JUNE 26 Your nature is to nurture, but May 20 the sun enters your zone of contemplation; use this period to slow down and practice self-care. June 20 the sun enters Cancer and you’re ready to soar. The June 24 full moon brings a serious romance or deepens a current one.

LEO July 23–August 22 JAMES CORDEN, THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN AUGUST 22 The May 26 lunar eclipse focuses on children, creativity, and romance. The June 10 solar eclipse inspires you to become more involved with humanitarian causes and activism. Yes, you’ll have time to do it all. June 11 fiery Mars blazes into Leo (through July 28); your energy and drive are boundless.


ARIES March 21–April 19 HOPE DAVIS, THE COMEY RULE MARCH 29 Planetary action in your money zone has you thinking about security and savings. Get your finances handled before Mercury turns retrograde May 29. June 11 passionate Mars enters Leo, and love and romance flourish. The May 26 lunar eclipse brings exciting opportunities for educational pursuits and travel. LIBRA September 23– October 23 KATJA HERBERS, EVIL OCTOBER 19 The May 26 lunar eclipse falls in your communication zone; writing, speaking, and teaching projects flourish. By June you’re feeling restless and may need to recharge your batteries. Being near water or in nature could be deeply healing. Wait until Mercury turns direct June 22 to take time off.

SCORPIO October 24– November 21 WALTON GOGGINS, THE UNICORN NOVEMBER 10 Both the May 26 lunar eclipse and the June 10 solar eclipse activate your zones of wealth and self-worth. A raise or higher-paying job is certainly possible, but so is a genuine transformation, one in which you gain great insight into yourself and your purpose. Take time to savor it.

ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD, THE STAND AUGUST 25 Both eclipses (May 26 and June 10) impact your career and home. Perhaps you’ll be moving for work or traveling extensively. Virgos love order, but B Positive ; these changes could turn out to be exciting. Lucky Jupiter and inspiring Neptune in your love zone late June bring romantic relationships.

Whether talking or blogging, now’s the time for Geminis’ message to be heard. BY VIRGINIA BELL In the Stars


A LANA DE LA GARZA’S sun and Mercury are in curious and multital- ented Gemini, the sign of communication. Her moon is in caring and compassionate Pisces. This combination gives her a sharp intellect and a deep love of learn- ing along with a genuine interest in people and a devotion to family. The planet Venus, prominent in her chart, blesses her with charisma, charm, and a sensitivity to all forms of art and beauty. This summer is a major turning point; lucky Jupiter and brilliant Uranus bring her unexpected opportunities to

SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 22– DECEMBER 21 DON CHEADLE, BLACK MONDAY NOVEMBER 29 Eclipses are game changers. The May 26 lunar eclipse in your zone of self-esteem may propel you to get in better shape, both mentally and physically, as well as to improve your appearance. And with Venus in your love zone all June, romantic encounters abound. Circle June 3, 10, 21, and 23.

CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22– JANUARY 19 ELIZABETH TULLOCH, SUPERMAN & LOIS JANUARY 19 Late May and early June there are four planets in your zone of day-to-day work, giving you the ability to plow through tasks. But it’s not all about work. You’re searching for deeper answers and inspiration. Circle June 3 and June 23; a wise teacher or mentor may come into your life.



TAURUS APRIL 20–MAY 20 SANTIAGO CABRERA, STAR TEK: PICARD MAY 5 Something big is brewing, Taurus. You don’t have to be Superman or Stargirl , but success does require taking risks. Mid-June there could be some setbacks; the key is to stay focused and expect the best because on June 23 a project close to your heart gets a green light!

NORAH O’DONNELL, CBS EVENING NEWS JANUARY 23 Aquarians love their freedom and independence, but with intense planetary activity in your domestic zone during June, you may suddenly start fantasizing about buying property or having children. Relax and enjoy the new you! Just don’t sign any contracts

Like an episode of MacGyver , eclipses raise the stakes and accelerate life. The May 26 lunar eclipse in your career zone puts ambition and achievement in the spotlight. Your negotiating ability and people skills are noticed by your bosses and finally acknowledged. June 1 brings a long- desired invitation your way.

explore a new genre and the possibility of some rich and exciting travel.

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during Mercury retrograde (May 29–June 22).

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