The Dentist Season 2—Episode 20

The Burnett-less sketch featured Conway as a bumbling dentist trying to anesthetize his patient (Korman) but failing miserably. “T he Dentist is up there in at least the top three best moments for a lot of people. Originally, Tim was just supposed to hit himself with the Novocain, but he decided to take it to a higher level. Poor Harvey was just stuck in the chair and couldn’t move. All the shtick you see … Tim hadn’t done all that in rehearsal. He had an idea of what he wanted to do but saved it until he was in front of the audience. He swears that Harvey peed his pants at some point while they were doing it. I don’t know, but just look at him!” This “Tearjerker Theater” sketch poked fun at the film Love Story , with Burnett playing a dying woman and Korman as her beau. “T his one has one of the funniest lines I ever got todeliver. It comeswhenmy character falls ill, Harvey puts me in the bed, and Lyle comes in as the finest doctor money can buy. He tells Harvey, ‘I’m afraid she’s only got five minutes to live.’ Then Harvey says tome, ‘Hey, Funny Face! The doctor says you’re going to be fine. Are youhungry? Wouldyou like something to eat?’ Then I tell him, ‘I’d love a four-minute egg.’” Lovely Story Season 4—Episode 20


Sunset Blvd. Season 5 —Episode 14 In this parody, Burnett put her comic spin on Sunset Boulevard ’s Norma Desmond. “T his was the first time I played Nora Desmond and Harvey played Max. Bob Mackie came up with crazy outfits for this one. He was designing up to 65 costumes a week for the show. Anything you saw us wear,

he designed. Over our 11 years, he created more than 17,000 outfits. Remember those boobs hanging down in my costume? Usually designers would put cotton or padding in, but he filled them with uncooked rice. He told me, ‘That’s what all the drag queens do!’ “I got a call from Gloria Swanson, who loved what we’d done and asked, ‘Can I come on the show?’ She was a guest later. In her book she called it the best time she’d ever had!”

From top: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman; Burnett and Korman. Opposite: Burnett as Norma Desmond with Korman in their 1973 sendup of Sunset Boulevard

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