WHO’S WHO OF WWK 1 Alma Fillcot (Allison Tolman) A timid and awkward housewife who remains optimistic in the face of the world’s cruelty. Alma yearns for a spot in the local garden club and to see her ungainly daughter married, but her life is disrupted once she learns of her husband’s secret hobby. 2 Bertram Fillcot (Nick Frost) Alma’s beloved husband spends his days as a veterinarian, putting sick and injured animals out of their misery. Always kind and good-humored, Bertram has a secret hobby far darker than his jovial nature lets on. 3 Rita Castillo (Lana Parrilla) The sardonic wife to the wealthy and evil Carlo Castillo. As she waits for her elderly husband to die, Rita runs the garden club with an iron fist and spends much of her time engaging in an affair with a younger lover. 4 Dee Fillcot (B.K. Cannon) Alma’s wry and brassy daughter who works as a waitress in a local diner. Though self- deprecating, Dee can be vulnerable under her emotional armor and finds her illicit affair with a secret lover to be both exciting and humiliating. 5 Vern Loomis (Jordane Christie) Tough, rugged private eye Vern is intrigued and suspicious when he’s hired to investigate Rita’s younger lover, whom she suspects is cheating on her. Rita’s gorgeous, sexy, and not-so- bright lover. A charming would-be actor, Scooter is well kept by Rita but pursues a secret relationship elsewhere. 7 Catherine Castillo (Veronica Falcón) Carlo Castillo’s spinster daughter. Prim and proper, Catherine detests her father’s 6 Scooter Polarsky (Matthew Daddario) gorgeous wife, Rita, and returns to town after a mysterious accident, seeking a way to destroy her.



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