A LLISON TOLMAN IS hangry. The night before reporting to work on Why Women Kill —her first time back on set since the pandemic—the Emmy-nominated actress thought it’d be fun to fill out a letter board for her dress- ing room. The goal was to update it daily with a response to “Why Do Women Kill Today?” Her first entry: “SHE’S HANGRY.” Ensuing reasons included: “SHE MISSES HER CAT,” “CO-STAR HAS 100X TATTOOS,” “THESE OVERALLS SHRANK (PRETTY SURE),” and “IT’S NINETY DEGREES OUT IN JANUARY.” So, Allison Tolman … why do women kill today?

Why Women Kill ’s Allison Tolman and Lana Parrilla slay in this stylish, sexy soap. By Nate Millado

because “my nails are so nice now, I can’t pry off the letters anymore.” Tolman and her impeccable manicure are in the middle of filming the final episode of Why Women Kill , Marc Cherry’s addictive anthology series on Paramount+. While the previous iteration of WWK spanned multiple decades, this one takes place solely in 1949 and explores the meaning of beauty, the hidden truth behind the facades people present to

just beginning for fans of dark comedy. Watch caught up with the sophisticated stars ahead of the summer premiere. This was your first role back after 10 months off. What hobbies did you pick up during quarantine? AT: Oh, so much. I learned how to make lunches at home. I started embroidery. I started teaching myself how to play the ukulele—but that did not stick. LP: I actually started my clothing line, which is comfort streetwear! That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And because there was so much time on our hands, it really afforded me time to get creative in that way. I come from a family

the world—and the extreme lengths to which one woman will go to finally belong. So while the journey is ending for Tolman and co-star Lana Par- rilla, the WWK experience is

“It’s got to be the 6 p.m. call time,” she tells us. “It does not bode well that I don’t get to work until the evening time.” Tolman’s actually fallen way behind on her letter board

WHY WOMEN KILL premieres Thursday, June 3, on Paramount+.

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