Were they surprised when you became a professional actress? They knew before I knew. I was always a very expressive and empathetic kid. Even in kindergarten, I would ask my friends if they wanted to play The Lion King , and I would act out as Simba and direct everyone. Then when I was 10, I remember standing in the mirror in my bedroom and pretending to embody other people. There was a moment of self-awareness. So I remember going straight to my mom and saying that I’d like to take an acting class. But I didn’t know you could make a career out of it. The fact that it’s actually happened is nothing short of a miracle. Don’t you have a music background? I was constantly writing music as a teenager—I think to process all my breakups. I went to the University of South Wales and got a double degree in theater and music. I mean, I love jazz. Anything Ella Fitzgerald I know top to bottom. I could sing jazz ballads all day. I still write music but not to the same extent. I guess I’m not going through as much angst now! Clarice probably listens to jazz, too. Yeah, I think she’s an old soul. Clarice also has a buttoned-down style. But you’re pretty glam off-camera, no? I mean, I love expressing myself through clothes. I don’t know if I’d consider myself a fashionista, but . . . Is it hurting your soul that you can’t dress up right now? I’m really enjoying, like, my go-to outfit of a gray track sweatsuit with a really cool coat and some stompy black boots and then jazzing it up with some cool jewelry and a beanie. I love that vibe. But I did go out and buy myself some Carrie

Bradshaw Manolo Blahniks when I got the role. I won’t put them in a box, so they sit in my little closet. Every time I go in there, they sparkle at me and go, “ Wear me, Rebecca, wear me! ” I’m dreaming of being able to take my Manolos out for a spin. Wait, back up and detail this story. Anyone who knows Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City knows these Manolo Blahniks. They’re royal blue with a big jewel at the front. The moment I saw them in the shop I was like, “ I have to have you .” I promised myself that if I got the role of Clarice, I would. So my husband and I were at our home in L.A. and both anxious because I was waiting to hear about Clarice and he was waiting to hear about The Republic of Sarah . We decided to take a drive to get some air and ended up in Malibu. We’re at lunch, and I get the call from [co-creators] Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman and they say, “ Helloooo, Clarice .” It was followed up with some happy crying and a lot of champagne— then it was off to get my Manolos at the Nordstrom at The Grove. I felt like Cinderella. And you’ve never worn them?! The one and only time I wore them was when I had a meeting at MGM to meet the big boys and girls about Clarice . I had this baby-pink trench coat, a white T-shirt, and my Manolos. I was strutting on air walking past entire walls full of Golden Globes and Academy Awards, dating back to the 1930s. It absolutely blewmy mind. I was like, “ Thank God I’m dressed properly for this .” I felt those shoes were worthy to be walking those halls. It was a pretty incredible moment.

Dress by Greta Constantine. Ring by Jenny Bird


HAIR: Justin German MAKEUP: Jodi Urichuk NAILS: Leeanne Colley; all for PM1

MAY/J UNE • 202 1

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