Dress by Alice + Olivia. Earrings and ring by Jenny Bird. Shoes by Black Suede Studio

Jodie was the saxophone and Julianne was the violin and I’m the flute. The sound will be slightly different, but it’s all the same song. For me it’s about honoring the quintessential characteristics of this wonderful character we all know and love. And you can develop her more because it’s an episodic series. Yes, we’re getting to fill in the blanks. There’s a lot to Clarice we haven’t seen, and there’s so much for us to play with her. Like, who is she at the bar? What does she drink? Does she dance? Does she fall in love? Does she call her mom on the weekend? I want to keep exploring this . What about you? Assume you’re not dancing at the bar these days?


Your husband stars in the upcoming CW series The Republic of Sarah . How often do you get to see him? He films in Montreal, but he’s allowed to come and visit me because those borders are open. He brings our dog—who’s a 5-year-old cockapoo named Alfred Hitchcock-a-poo. I call himmy firstborn. Oh god, I love my boys and miss them both equally! And you’re a long way from home. Is that hard for you? During the height of the pandemic last year, I lived at my mom and dad’s house again for a fewmonths. I wasn’t working, so it was cool because we did puzzles and cooked together and had some lovely bonding time in the garden. Obviously there were moments when we needed some space, but it was a special time. Now I’m so far away, and I don’t know when I’ll see them next. You have to make the most of those moments when you’re together.

These days, no! The cast and I haven’t been able to hang out very much in Toronto because the city has been on lockdown through shooting, so we do cocktail hours on Zoom on the weekends. You all must legitimately like each other if you’re doing group Zoom chats during your time off. We are the cutest. Me and Nick Sandow are like little schoolgirls because we can’t stop giggling on the set. Michael is known as “Cuddles” because he is so affectionate and so loving and wants to take care of everyone all the time. There is such camaraderie among all the girls as well. The pandemic has forced us all to take it slow, so we have an even deeper connection. We’ve created a really beautiful environment because we’re going through this together and supporting each other.

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