ALL IN THE FAMILY In Season 1’s aptly titled episode “Judging Books by Their Covers,” Archie Bunker’s strapping ol’ pal Steve, a former NFL linebacker, comes out of the closet—shattering the blue-collar bigot’s preconceptions about what makes a man a man.

DESIGNING WOMEN A gay man (pre- Scandal Tony Goldwyn) asks the women of Sugarbaker & Associates to design a funeral—his own, as he’s dying of AIDS. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason came up with the episode while caring for her mom, who contracted HIV from a tainted blood transfusion. 1987



THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW Phyllis (Cloris Leachman) sets Mary (Mary Tyler Moore) up with her bach- elor bro. But Ben ends up gravitating more toward Phyllis’ frenemy Rhoda (Valerie Harper)—much to his snooty sister’s chagrin. However, Rhoda is just not into him like that because, well, turns out Ben’s gay … which comes as a huge relief to Phyllis.


QUEER AS FOLK The groundbreaking SHOWTIME drama centered on the hookups and hang-ups of gay men in Pittsburgh. QAF was ahead of its time, tackling same- sex marriage, conversion therapy, and recreational drug use. And its definition of chosen “family” still rings loud and queer.

Loud&Proud In honor of Pride Month, we remember the TV trailblazers that furthered the LGBTQ+ conversation. BY NATE MILLADO

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