Michele’s favorite Dynasty moment (and outfit) is this courtroom scene,

they’ll write something really fun—a baseline— but then Elaine and I will inevitably add some- thing else. And it’s off the charts this year! You’re new to social media, but you often use your platform to advo- cate for justice. Listen …my mouth is too big sometimes. Some artists feel like their art should live exclusively in that lane, and there shouldn’t be a require- ment to speak to other issues

wearing a “super chic” fedora.

“Oh, honey, you have no idea what’s coming!”

of social ills that are happening in our country. I happen to feel that it’s impera- tive. Am I a politician? Absolutely not. Can I speak about legislation? I cannot. But as a participant in our democracy, can I speak to fairness and justice? Absolutely. And I do it unequivocally and often. Given the year we’ve had, is Dynasty the escapism we all need right now? The entire world has been traumatized! We are all looking for laughter, lightness, just a way to exhale. And so we always feel we are pure entertainment. We’re going to give you fabulous clothes, a few bitch slaps, and a really good time.


favorite acting moment on the show— was my courtroom scene, where they dragged me out and I was screaming, “Skank! Skank!” I had on this beautiful white dress and gorgeous camel-colored fedora, and it was just super, super chic. Aside from the fashion, fans tune in to see your catfights with Alexis (Elaine Hendrix)! Oh, honey, you have no idea what’s com- ing! And Elaine is my girl and just the perfect sparring partner. The beauty of the two of us in the room is that we feel safe enough to try certain things. So

I try to do is to allow the audience in on [the joke] and to enjoy the ride with me.

The costumes on this show are stun- ning . What’s it like to play dress-up for a living? The clothes are absolutely phenomenal! Granted, I can’t breathe because you’re stitched in to the nth degree. I don’t become Dominique until the hair comes on, the makeup goes on, the clothes go on, the six-inch Louboutins go on …

Do you have a favorite look? My favorite look—and actually my

After somehow surviv- ing her bachelorette party, Fallon ( Elizabeth Gillies ) just wants to marry Liam ( Adam Huber ) and have a nice, calm life. Those aren’t two words usually associ- ated with Carringtons—and the happy couple face their biggest challenges yet. Blake ( Grant Show ) and Cristal’s ( Daniella Alonso ) relationship hit some tur- bulence last season as they each strayed. This season

they’ll work even harder to make their marriage last. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans—as do mul- tiple enemies. Adam ( Sam Underwood ) strives to emerge from his massive family shadow. As he ruthlessly climbs the ladder of success, things with girlfriend Kirby ( Maddison Brown ) get messy and put her at odds with her father, Anders ( Alan Dale ).

An unlikely alliance between Alexis ( Elaine Hendrix , pictured) and her sister-in-law turned mother-in-law, Dominique ( Michael Michele ), forms as they set out to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs, even if it means deceiving Jeff (Sam Adegoke). Sammy Jo ( Rafael de la Fuente ) looks to expand his hotel and his heart, with help from Culhane ( Robert C. Riley).

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