Queen Bee Dynasty is back— and so is the backstabbing. Michael Michele spills the tea on the buzz-worthy new season. BY NATE MILLADO


M ICHAEL MICHELE’S DAD CAN QUOTE ALMOST EVERY EPISODE of Dynasty . (“The champagne is burned!”) So you’d think that Michele would be born to play Dominique Deveraux on The CW’s hit reboot. “I’ll be completely honest with you—I was afraid to do it,” Michele confesses. “One hundred percent. I’m the cops, doctor, and lawyer chick!” The seasoned actress starred in Homicide: Life on the Street and ER , but Dynasty ’s a different beast. “It’s not a straight drama; it’s not a straight comedy. But I’m having so much fun, I may never put on a stethoscope again!” Diahann Carroll famously said she wanted to be “the first Black bitch on television,” and she accomplished that (and more) by originating Dominique Deveraux on Dynasty . So what was it like to step into Diahann and Domi- nique’s fabulous shoes? First of all, there’s only one Diahann Carroll. And my mother was a huge fan. My mother is a Black woman, and there weren’t a lot of Black women on TV [during 1984]. And she told me, “You know, Diahann Carroll had agency. Domi- nique walked into that room, and she held her place in that room.” So I’ve tried to approach [the role] in the same way. This is a woman who’s at times a bold bitch, assertive, narcissistic, self-centered—but with a sense of humor. And what

Dominique Deveraux (Michael Michele) launches her own fashion line, “Dom-Mystique,” in Season 4.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Infamous Michael Michele sums up Season 4 of Dynasty in one word: “Explosive.” Here’s what to expect.

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