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That wasn’t the show I wanted to do. And it ended up being that a lot of people, including new couples who didn’t have children, identified with Bob and Emily. And you got to set the show in your hometown of Chicago. Well, the interesting thing about that is, when we went in to do the opening credits, they had me get on the Ravenswood “L” train in Chicago. And then I took it all the way to, like, Evanston or Lake Forest or so, in the northern suburbs. But Bob’s apartment was near Loyola University, the North Campus, which was about 5500 North. So I would take this “L” every day and go easily 40 stops beyond where I should get off, and then apparently walk back. Every day for six years. Well, maybe Bob was distracted by his devotion to his patients. Would you go to a psychologist who missed his stop every day and had to walk back 40 stops? I wouldn’t! What do people still say to you about the show today? They tell me how it was part of their lives, as was that whole CBS Saturday night lineup. They used to call it Murderers’ Row: All in


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