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Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs 4:25 p.m. ET

L.A. Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4:25 p.m. ET

The rematch everyone has been waiting for: Last season’s play- off overtime blockbuster between the Bills and Josh Allen and the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes —won by K.C.—was arguably the game of the year, and now the teams will return to the same field. “An epic, epic overtime thriller,” says Trask. “Josh Allen said it haunted him. Some losses are harder to shake than others.” A win here would help him shake it. But Arrow- head Stadium will be waiting for him. “From my experience during my years in the league [with the Raiders],” Trask says, “of every team we visited, Kansas City had the biggest home field advantage.” Buffalo and Kansas City are two favorites for the Super Bowl, but there’s only space for one AFC team, so this game could be both a rematch and a preview.

You can’t have a Super Bowl conversation without the past two champs. Last season’s playoff matchup between the Bucs and the Rams was epic, with a furious Tom Brady comeback halted by a clutch Matthew Stafford throw. Now the teams’ superstar receivers—Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans and Los Angeles’ Cooper Kupp —will meet again. Brady is back after an almost-retirement, and Stafford has answered the ques- tions about how good he can be. It helps to have all-world defensive lineman Aaron Donald back on the other side of the ball. “After a team wins a Super Bowl, other teams fly in and try to pick off their best players,” Trask says. “But the Rams have retained tremendous, tremendous players.” Expect a pre-Thanksgiving feast. /




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