WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes


Ralph Lauren suit, Calvin Klein Collection shirt

Trevor “T-Money” Lefkowitz: At his core he’s got a puppy-ish quality. He’s always looking for a good time with the family he’s built along the way. My costume: I love Trevor’s suit, and certainly his lack of pants has made for a great story. Trevor may be regretting his tie in the afterlife. Favorite Season 1 moment: The “Trevor’s Pants” episode holds a lot of my favorite moments: Trevor giving away his pants, and when he discovers that Sas has kept his secrets all these years. And most of all, the way the ghosts show up for him at the end. I would like to haunt …: The White House would be intriguing!

Pete Martino: His biggest strength is that he’s an optimist. I envy that because I am much more of a pessimist in my own life, and I feel like I often have to call on Pete’s energy to brighten my outlook. His biggest flaw, as we’ve seen exposed by Cholera Victim Nancy, is that he can be a bit of a pushover. My costume: I honestly don’t mind wearing the arrow, but the glasses can be a nuisance, especially for our directors of photography and editors, because of the reflections they cause. Favorite Season 1 moment: In “Pete’s Wife,” when Pete got to see his grandson, Pete, for the first time. It was such a sweet moment after a tough day for Pete, when he found out that his wife had been cheating on him with his best friend. I would like to haunt …: Anywhere filled with a constant stream of delicious smells. If we can’t eat as ghosts but can smell, then let me haunt a Pepperidge Farm factory, or a Godiva factory, or Modern Pastry in Boston. (Look it up!)

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