WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes

SHO dress, Nadri earrings,

UNOde50 bracelets

Flower: Her given name (pre- commune) was Susan Montero. The writers asked for input on her last name, which meant a lot to me, because Montero was my abuela ’s maiden name. I love that my character has a connection with my family in southern Chile. Strengths and weaknesses: Flower is a total lover and leads with her heart, which to me is a fabulous strength and one that I love to live in every day at work. On the flip side, she tunes everyone out so much, she can be extremely frustrating to hang out with. My costume: I get to wear Birkenstocks and a flowy skirt all day long! It’s almost TOO comfortable! Favorite Season 1 moment: I loved the “Drop Acid, Not Bombs” moment for Flower in “Viking Funeral.” Flower is a bit of a wild card, and I love when she gets passionate and almost aggressive about things. I would like to haunt …: Anywhere if it’s with these ( Ghosts ) ghosts for eternity.

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