WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes


Love Shack Fancy dress, Nadri jewelry

Hetty Woodstone: She is a product of both the excesses and the repression of her time. I did a lot of research about the Victorian period, specifically about women’s lives, to work out her backstory in my mind. We still don’t know how Hetty died. But I have a suspicion that the writers have laid out a few clues in Season 1. They’ve done a great job incorporating historical accuracy in a way that is both provocative and humorous. My costume: I love Hetty’s costume—the time and discomfort it requires help me to prepare to play her. I wouldn’t change a thing. But I wouldn’t mind a pocket or two. Favorite Season 1 moment: Where Hetty finally stands up to her husband in “The Vault.” I would like to haunt …: If I had the ghost friends Hetty does, I’d haunt anywhere!

Alberta Haynes: I’m a theater nerd, so I did a lot of research about the Prohibition Era, the Harlem Renaissance, and life as an African American jazz singer during the 1920s. My jazz playlist is unmatched, and I took dance lessons to embody Alberta’s brassy swagger. My costume: The feathers on Alberta’s crushed velvet cloak are my favorite things, because when I’m strutting about the Woodstone Mansion, it feels like I’m peacocking for all the ghosts to see Alberta in her full, diva-like glory. Favorite Season 1 moment: Working with Brandon Scott Jones in “Flower’s Article.” I always say Isaac and Alberta are toxic besties because they think the world of themselves and can be catty toward each other. I would like to haunt …: The theater. I would love to kiki and chat with the ghosts in the orchestra pit, or the random audience members who might have croaked while watching Macbeth . Roaming the halls and judging performances with my ghost besties would be hilarious.

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