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The men taking part in this spirited pitch session include Román Zaragoza, who proudly brings his own partly Native American background to the character of Sasappis; Devan Chandler Long, whose larger-than-life voice and personality match his physical size; Brandon Scott Jones, both an actor and a writer for such shows as HBO Max’s The Other Two , who’s now enjoying the novelty of an outfit that’s less buttoned up than his Colonial character Isaac’s; and Asher Grodman, who is so unlike his selfish finance “bro” character, Trevor, that he and Moriarty have surprised the group with a gift: custom-made black Ghosts hoodies for everyone to wear on the plane when they fly to meet with advertis- ers at an upcoming CBS party in New York. Ultimately, it’s Ambudkar who helps craft the best text reply, accompanied by a photo Moriarty has taken of the array of female footwear present for the photo shoot. A few minutes later, the original sender has vol- leyed back a cryptic response of her own. Strangely, she admonishes Moriarty to “polish your eyes.” It’s eerie, really, because if only she’d typed “soul,” she would have come close to nailing what Ghosts is all about: its eight title spirits stuck in a state of limbo and awaiting the enlightenment that will allow them to get “sucked off” to a paradisiacal plane, but in the meanwhile hav- ing fun haunting their human hosts. Soon it’s a quick change of clothes and then back to the photo shoot. As the sun sparkles on the Pacific a few hundred feet below, these 10 actors show them- selves to the camera literally in a whole new light. As fabulous as they all look in contemporary styles, they’re happy to wear their characters’ same crushed- velvet capes and unforgiving corsets for many more years to come. Just weeks away from shooting the second season, we talked to the cast and creators about this Ghosts story with a happy ending. Ghosts was inspired by the 2019 BBC series of the same name. What drew you to this project—and were you a fan of the original sitcom? ROSE MCIVER: I was drawn in by the dialogue and the rich characters. It made me laugh on the page, which doesn’t happen that much for me. Once we started prepping and I had the job, I dabbled by watching the first episode of the British show. I think it’s incredible, but I didn’t want it to completely shape my approach. UTKARSH AMBUDKAR: I almost blew it, honestly. The script came to me right before the pandemic. I had watched the British version and thought it was funny. And then, I can’t even really speak to the reasons why, but I passed on doing the show. But it didn’t really

HIS BREEZY CLIFFSIDE PERCH, HIGH ABOVE Malibu, California, its estate grounds dappled with palm shadows, may be the last place you’d expect to see ghosts. But then, emerging from various corners of the expansive Spanish-style house, eight of them appear. It’s been three months and many thermometer degrees since the cast of last season’s breakout comedy, Ghosts , gathered, after having closely bonded while shooting the show on a soundstage in Montreal. Rose McIver, who plays Samantha—one of the show’s two main mortals living amid a phalanx of phantoms along with Jay, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar—has just returned from a visit to her homeland of New Zealand. Now, as she and her castmates, all dressed in ethereal white, await placement in a group shot by the photographer, Rose has a vision of what’s to come. “Oh no, here comes the chaos,” she says with a laugh. As the ghosts draw closer, you can feel their prankish energy. After all, this is a cast of actors skilled in com- edy and improvisation, and all they need is a setting to get them going. Right on cue, Richie Moriarty, who plays Boy Scout leader ghost Pete, gets a wrong-num- ber text from some woman berating her assistant for not buying her enough shoes. It’s as if an audience at their improv show had shouted out a scene suggestion. A few minutes later, the group takes a snack break in the shade of the open garage, pitching ideas to include in Moriarty’s reply. There’s Sheila Carrasco, whom the other actors envy for her quick wit and the comfort of her character Flower’s flowing attire. Danielle Pinnock, who plays ’20s jazz singer Alberta, is the group’s de facto hostess, having the cast over for viewing parties. In a gauzy white gown and with her hair not in her character’s tight Edwardian updo, Rebecca Wisocky looks more youthful than the upright lady of the manor Hetty Woodstone. Together, Wisocky reveals, she, McIver, Carrasco, and Pinnock have become so close that they’ve started referring to themselves as “The Lady Ghost Society.”

GHOSTS airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and streams on Paramount + Season 2 premieres Sept. 29

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