WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes


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1 LISA KENNEDY Writer, “Staying Power,” p. 68


3 DAVID HOCHMAN Writer, “24 Hours with Charles Davis,” p. 108 Behind the Scenes: “Talking to Charles Davis , you instantly understand why he’s a big deal in the big leagues. Compared to almost anyone else covering games, he’s up earlier, preps harder, remembers more, and knows exactly what to say at the right time. All-Star!” Fall, in Three Words: “Halloween costume anxiety” Signature Seasonal Item: “My trusty all- weather Aussie Blundstone boots” Binge-Watch Alert: “The Offer . I can’t refuse!” Bona Fides: The Los Angeles–based journalist and Scranton native has written for The New York Times, GQ, TV Guide , and beyond.


Photographer, “Staying Power,” p. 68 Behind the Scenes: “I’m rarely star-struck by the people I photograph, but this group of journalists are icons to me. [ 60 Minutes ] has always been an example of journalism at its finest, and it was great to spend time with each of them. I appreciated the opportunity to turn the camera toward them since they are the ones usually peeling back the layers of the people they interview.” Fall, in Three Words: “Baking with apples!” Signature Seasonal Item: “An outdoor firepit” Binge-Watch Alert: “I just photographed the cast of the Paramount+ show Star Trek: Picard for their Season 3 advertising campaign, and I’m looking forward to catching up on that series.” Bona Fides: The local Californian comes from a journalism background and currently specializes in portraiture. Pugliese has photographed some of the most visible newsmakers, actors, scientists, politicians, musicians, and athletes of our time.

Photographer, “Goodwill Haunting,” p. 54 Behind the Scenes: “We planned to shoot this [ Ghosts spread] in spring but got a summer-like heatwave for a project that’s out in fall. That’s showbiz for ya!” Fall, in Three Words: “Halloween, sweaters, [and] change” Seasonal Favorite: “Fall color. I love traveling somewhere (outside of L.A.) that has hints of seasonal color change since it’s always summer in SoCal.” Binge-Watch Alert: “I’m so looking forward to Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies !” Bona Fides: Southern California native Rosales has an infatuation with color and experimentation with light. The bridge between Rosales’ fine art projects and commercial work is her unorthodox approach to mixing analog and digital tools and technology. With pops of color and underlying risk-taking, her energy and love for the medium come through each photograph.

Behind the Scenes: “It was hard not to be a wee bit star-struck having lunch—via Zoom—with the Lesley Stahl . Salads, she loves ’em! And as unbelievably game and kind as the interviewees were, it was hard not to hear their insights on how I could do things differently.” Fall, in Three Words: “Leaves and sweaters” Signature Seasonal Item: “A black turtle- neck and a gray one, too. Wait, just one?” Binge-Watch Alert: “I’m looking forward to the return of The Equalizer. McCall ( Queen Latifah ) could retire and run the bar with Mel ( Liza Lapira ), and I’d watch for that alone. Best cast chemistry on TV!” Bona Fides: After years working as a New York City editor and then film and theater critic for The Denver Post , the born-and- raised Denverite now freelances and teaches nonfiction writing. Kennedy’s work has appeared most recently in The New York Times, Variety ,, and Alta Journal. /




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