WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes

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“Playoff history!” says Davis of last year’s AFC Wild Card game of New England vs. Buffalo.

3:00P.M. Here’s the thing about broadcasting along- side Ian Eagle: He’s so smart, so fast, so on top of it. If you’re even just keeping up with him in the booth, it’s a great day at work. There’s no one better. 3:45P.M. Every game is vitally important, but one that truly stands out: watching Buffalo score nearly every time they had the ball against New England in last season’s Wild Card game. Seven touchdown drives! Playoff history! So thrilled I was there. 5:30P.M. Game’s over. Driver’s waiting. Time to head home. They put together a book for me of articles, stories, and stats to get me ready for the next game we have coming up. I’ll read that on the plane and the studying starts all over again. 7:30P.M. My wife, Lisa, is the most incredible person. What can I say? University of Tennessee graduate. Law degree. Advocate for pet res- cues. A great beauty. The whole thing. When I get home to her and the four goldens that live with us, let’s just say I’m a very happy man. 8:30P.M. The kids don’t live with us anymore, so we’ll usually go out for dinner on days when I get home in time. I’ll typically go for steak and maybe bananas fos- ters. How could you not? They set that bad boy on fire! 10:00 P.M. I’m a huge fanboy of Yellowstone . My col- league Evan Washburn, who is our sideline reporter—we’re both fanatics. I’m telling you, if we

“There’s no one better,” says Davis of broadcast partner Ian Eagle.

me what I’ll love. Lately it’s SmartLess with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, and Life is Short with Justin Long. 10:45 A.M. The new high-tech are- nas are tremendous, but

nothing tops walking into Cowboys [AT&T] Stadium in Dallas. The story goes that Jerry Jones’ wife, Eugenia, wanted to use a certain type of Italian marble from a certain company but there was a waiting list. So Jerry bought the company. Even if that’s not true, the marble floors really are incredible. 11:30 A.M. We’ll do live TV hits for our pregame shows. First comes That Other Pregame Show , or TOPS for short, on CBS Sports Network. That rolls into the NFL Today on CBS. 1:00P.M. Game time—and I still get nervous. When I hear “30 seconds to air,” I want to be anywhere else. That was true as a player, too. I’d be in the locker room think- ing, “Oh, God, if I screw this up today on national television, I’m done!” But by the time the count gets to 10, my preparation and confidence kick in, and I’m 100 percent “Let’s do this!” 1:45P.M. Calling games for the NFL, it’s for real. Things change on the fly. You think a team will come in running and they’ll end up throwing the ball 15 times. Or you’ll see trick plays. Or mistakes. Prepare for anything and then watch it all change. 2:35P.M. Lunch, a lot of times, is that good ol’ stadium sir- loin as we like to call it. You grab a hot dog!

could ever get up to Montana and watch them shoot, trust me, I’d be on the first plane. 11:00 P.M. Football is my reality, but my escape is mysteries. Harlan Coben is my favorite author. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him. I’ve met Lisa Scottoline, too, who’s also bril- liant. So is Brad Thor. I guess even I

need a break from talking about pass attempts and 2-point conversions. /




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