WATCH Magazine: October 2022: 60 Minutes



SHOW: Fire Country CHARACTER: Firefighter Eve. Fearless while fighting fires but a softy at heart. I like to think of her as what the girl next door in 2022 looks like. HOMETOWN: Tulsa, Oklahoma HOBBY: Playing guitar. Before I was an actor, I played music full time. I come from a musical family. My grandmother went to Juilliard for col- laborative piano and played the accor- dion, while my grandfather and great

uncle played trumpet and alto sax. LAST BOOK READ: Luster by Raven Leilani. Sooooo good. LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: I recently got engaged to my partner of four years and became an aunt for a second time. Lots of new begin- nings and babies. FUN FACT: I worked as a counter person at a sandwich/coffee shop in New York City called Court Street Grocers and was so inspired when I worked there, I strongly considered becom- ing a chef. Then I ran into a teacher I loved, and they told me I was stupid for not acting. So I quit. FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you are free, you are not predictable and you are not controllable.”—June Jordan

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